At ToD Chapter 2

Oh, Its me, The Author. I have a Announcement. This Fiction will be a series!!!!!! And a new Guest.. MrLolz                                                                                        The Adventure Time Truth Or Dare Chapter 2 By MrLolz!


Scene 2: The Tree Fort{nighttime}


  • Two Hours Later*


Finn: What the heck, PB!!!!!!!!!!

PB: The Rush Controls Me!!!!!!!!!

Finn: okay…

LSP: Let Me Try, Finn

Finn: No!!!!!!

Jake: [Mumbles] Control Freak…..

LSP: Jerk!!!!!!!

PB: Finn, Truth Or Dare?

Finn: Dare!!!!!!

PB: Punch The Lich!!!!!!!!

*In the Lich’s Prison*

Finn: Die Lich!!!!!![punch]

Lich: Owwwwwwwwww!!!

*Two Hours Later*

Finn: I Destroyed His soul…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PB: Finn, Get a hold of your self!!!!!!!

Finn: Ok!

Marshal Lee: My Turn!!!!! Jake, Truth or Dare?

Jake: Truth!!!!!!!

Marshal Lee: I dare you to stretch to the limit!!!!!!!

Jake: Not the limit, it can Hurt me!!!!!!!

Marshal Lee: Wimp!!!!!

Jake: okay, but if I die, you go to my funeral!!!!!

Marshal Lee: Okay, Deal On!!!!!

*Jake Stretches All The Way to TheCandyKingdom*

Jake: THAT HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marshal Lee: Don’t Care!!!!


Jake: Jerk!!!!!

Marshal Lee: idiot!!!!

Jake: whatever!!!!

Finn: umm Jake, I found a b-mo controller… Want to play??

Jake: sure…..

Finn: Math!!!!!!!

                                Okay, So I’m going to End this Chapter…..

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