Today’s Topics

So we did pretty well on converting a pdf to an image and posting. Good work.

We also talked about time travel and dinosaurs. I admit I sometimes drift off a bit but I’m pretty sur’e that Issac thought that hunting dinosaurs to create oil fields was a good idea.

Bootstrap Paradox? Try this:
A Sound of Thunder

We also mentioned Robert Sawyer’s ‘End of an Era’ as an example of dinosaurs being genetically engineered as weapons of war by the mind-controlling, body-snatching, oozing-through-walls, virally-based Martians. Time Travelling humans tapped into the Bootstrap Paradox in order to kill off the dinosaurs.

Parental Guidance may be required on this one. It has been a while since I read it, but I recall that the Canadian author ran on some disturbing tangents to the main plot line.
End of an Era by RJS

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