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Converting VHS to digital

Someone asked how to convert a VHS tape into a computerized movie.

You’ll need a couple of things. Perhaps the most challenging will be a VHS player. You have to have something that will read the tape in the first place.

The second thing you need is an adapter to convert from the outputs on the VCR to the inputs on the computer you will be using.

The VCR will probably send the video signal via something called “composite” video cables. However a list of different video cables is here:

To connect into the computer this adapter will usually use either USB 2 or USB 3. USB 3 is faster and more expensive, most newer computers support it.

Fortunately the adapter can be found easily and cheaply. Here is one from Amazon. I have NOT tested it!

Amazon has others for more and less money, newgg and Best Buy will also sell you these devices.

The last thing you need is software to capture the video. Usually these adapters will come with the software you need. Just make sure you check that the adapter and the software it comes with will work on your computer.

That’s it. Follow the directions that come with the adapter. Remember that they were probably written in Chinese and then translated into English by someone who spoke fluently in both German and French. YouTube is your friend here, and you might want to search for tutorial videos on YouTube BEFORE you buy, to make sure you are going to know how to use the device after you buy it.

Quick recap:
1. Get a VCR.
2. Make sure the VCR has the cables you need, as the adapter may or may not have them.
3. Get an adapter with software.
4. Plug the VCR into the adapter.
5. Plug the adapter into the computer.
6. Put a tape in the VCR.
7. Hit “record” on the computer.
8. Hit “play” on the VCR.
9. Brag to your friends about what a techie geek you are.


Greeting Earthlings!

So WordPress had another critical update, and I have patched the software.

At the same time, I couldn’t help but notice that we still have an issue with people editting other people’s content. So I made a tweak or two to the site as well regarding that. I’d like to think that we all are able to keep from touching other people’s stuff because it is the right thing to do. But on the other hand, humans still put locks on their doors.

So I’ve added a couple of locks. I hope I haven’t interfered with business as usual for most people. Please message me through the site if you encounter problems, or let Mrs Jubas know.


Updated Gifted Site

Due to a rather severe security issue recently reported in the version of wordpress we were running for I’ve just upgraded us to the most current version of WordPress and BuddyPress. BuddyPress is the WordPress plugin that provides us with the facebook like features.

I suspect some features of the site will have changed. Please let myself or Mrs. Jubas know if you encounter any difficulty, problems, or find new things that you like.


Today’s Topics

So we did pretty well on converting a pdf to an image and posting. Good work.

We also talked about time travel and dinosaurs. I admit I sometimes drift off a bit but I’m pretty sur’e that Issac thought that hunting dinosaurs to create oil fields was a good idea.

Bootstrap Paradox? Try this:
A Sound of Thunder

We also mentioned Robert Sawyer’s ‘End of an Era’ as an example of dinosaurs being genetically engineered as weapons of war by the mind-controlling, body-snatching, oozing-through-walls, virally-based Martians. Time Travelling humans tapped into the Bootstrap Paradox in order to kill off the dinosaurs.

Parental Guidance may be required on this one. It has been a while since I read it, but I recall that the Canadian author ran on some disturbing tangents to the main plot line.
End of an Era by RJS