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Taiwanese News Station, because why not!

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Talent Show

The annual FCCLA talent show is coming tomorrow, Saturday, February 23, 2013.  If you want to come, I’ll be there.  I have to work backstage.  If any of you see curtains opening and closing between events, think of me because I will be the one operating the main curtains. yay i have something to do, besides hang backstage and sit on the couch that was in the play earilier.


The High School Drama Feat. Timmy and I invite you to go to “Virgil’s family reunion! The 7th and 8th grade are already coming on Friday morning. The other show times are Friday and Saturday nights @ 7 P.M. We hope you can come!!!!:)

Back to school

Summer was very fun, but it’s time to go back to school. I finally decided to make my braces blue and orange to match my shoes. If you see my shoes they are pretty cool. @Fifth graders: get ready for heavier book stacks in 7th grade. I have to carry 3 text books, 3 binders, my agenda, and my reading book in the morning. It’s very heavy. I got a lime green kayak for my 12th b-day


Hey guys, guess what. I’m getting braces. I will get the top set on Wednesday, September 19th. What color should my brackets be? Please send me a reply on what color they should be:)