Criss – Cross Cat

 As for all the brony stuff, make fun of this! It is my cat. He’s weird, i know. But i love him. (Still, he is mean. Just ask me to pull my sleeve up) P.S. this was taken after i ” accidently” gave him catnip. hey! i was experimenting! but it was very funny don’t you think? he also tried to eat my hand. giving him catnip is also like giving me a pound of sugar. ( my mom actually did that to shut me up on christmas eve)


Let’s stop all the “MLP” comments and focus on Christmas and what happened last week in Connecticut. Think about the families that lost family members and friends. Let’s act like Middle School students and stop the nasty comments. Enough is enough.

Minecraft Vending Machine

Figured out a good code to make a vending machine in Minecraft.
First you would need some command blocks, you can’t get them in creative mode, but if you know the item ID you can spawn it in. It is the only possible way to get the command block.
Place two command blocks on eatchother, make sure you have a little bit of room around the blocks. It is very compact, but still, very complicated. For the top one you will want to put the code “/give @p <Item you want to be vended’s ID>” without the quotation marks. Now, if you want the item to cost levels, read the next post about this. If not, put a block with a button infront of the top command block. (You only need two if you want the item to cost levels) Simply press the button, and you will get the item you want to be vended. WARNING. I WILL MAKE THE NEXT POST ON HOW TO MAKE IT COST LEVELS WHEN I GET HOME. I HAVE THE CODE SAVED ON MY HOME LAPTOP. Sorry you will have to wait. This could be very useful contraption if you are interested on making adventure maps. Or a multiplayer server not run by Bukit.

Shining Brighter Everyday

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